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 What is considered to be a tile is a product used to pave indoor floors and walls. Tiles are usually thin and can be made of various materials such as clay, porcelain, or natural stones. The texture of a tile is mostly flat. Depending on the look or style, a tile can be manufactured with texture. A natural stone tile usually comes with the imperfections of a natural finish, but the beauty of natural stone veins and colors. Tiles can be produced with manmade products such as plastic and composite. They can also be manufactured of recycled materials, linoleum, or natural wood. Tiles are available in many different styles, shapes, and sizes. With today’s technology and machinery, any design may be made possible.

The installation of tiles on floors is mainly done on a leveled cement base. The tiles are than glued to the cement base with thinset. On walls, tiles are also installed with thinset or glue. Tiles are mainly installed on bathroom floors and walls, kitchen floors, and on back splashes. Radiant heat is often installed under tile floors with an efficient heating system. By getting the tile warm, the room stays warmer with a lower energy cost. It is also extremely comfortable to walk on in the winter.

The thickness of a tile is often determined by the size of the tile. Tiles are generally made thin to save on material and to make them more affordable. For structural purposes, tiles do not need to be thick. The top coat or finish on a tile is the most important part and is where the tile has its quality and durability because the top part of the tile is exposed to the wear and tear. Paving Stone Select/Gappsi Group is an installer of tiles and provides our customers with professional services and installations.

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