What is Slate ?

slate flag stone for patio and indoor floors .Slate is a form of metamorphic rock; it is a fine-grained rock that is derived from a type of sedimentary rock that is composed of clay or volcanic ash. When experts cut the stone it forms a flat and smooth stone that is used for roofing, floor tiling and other purposes. The most popular color is grey, other colors it may come in is shades of grey, purple, and green. Slate can be used in various ways. Slate is the original stone, but if an object has the bit of slate in it then it is refereed to as slate. For example, clean slate and blank slate. Slate is composed of quartz, muscovite and illite. Also along with those minerals, biotite, chlorite, hematite, zircon and feldspar are found.

Slate is transformed into a type of roof shingle that is a strong material for building. In order to make the slate into roofing material, it has two lines of breakability. Cleavage and grain are important because it gives it makes it easier to split the stone into thin sheets. Even if slate breaks it will still have that natural look. Unfortunately, slate is not very water absorption, but it is very resistant to frost damage that may be caused due to the cold temperatures. To fix roof tiles you may either use a nail, or a technique that is more common in Spanish slate called the hook method. Slate tiles are mainly used for interior and exterior flooring, stairs, walkways and wall cladding. Installed they are set on a mortar and grouted along the edges. Chemical sealants are used on the tiles to enhance the appearance, strengthen the durability, increase stain resistance, and reduce efflorescence. Also it helps increase or reduces the smoothness of the surface. Slate flooring can be slippery if used outdoors.

Slate benefits in installing electrical equipment and is also fireproof. Due to its stability against chemicals, it has been used in classrooms and laboratories as bench tops and for table tops. Also it was used as a blackboard for which chalk was used on. It was also used as tombstones. Slate can be found in countries all throughout Europe. In Europe the slate has an unusual purple-green color. In the Americas is has more of a darkish purple-black color, grey is popular also. Some fossils can be found in slate due to the low heat and pressure.

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