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Long Island NY

Slabs  are large, polished sections of either natural stone or manufactured materials that are intended for use on countertops, tables, walls, and stairs. A natural stone slab usually measure 2 feet by 4 feet, and anything larger. The thickness of a stone slab is based on the size of slap. The larger the slab, the thicker it needs to be. The size of the slab is dependent on the strength of the stone. In order for a natural stone to be made into a larger slab it needs to be durable and strong. Large slabs are preferred over smaller ones because they can be placed for a countertop in one single piece, where as you would need more than one smaller slab to fill up a countertop which would have seams. Seams are usually noticeable in stones that have more veins because the veins would not continue evenly from one slab to another.

Slabs are used by builders and designers for applications including wall veneers, cladding, floor tiles, counter tops, and sometimes petitions for privacy and decorations. A slab displays the beauty of a natural stone, similar to the way a canvas displays a picture. Pieces of stone cut from the quarry are transported to stone manufacturing yards where they are made into slabs. They are usually polished on one side and left with a slightly finished edge for viewing. When a slab is selected, it is cut and customized for its intended use. The surface of the stone is ground down with imperfections and evened out. Edges are cut into rudimentary lines and the surface is polished. Slabs are then stored upright in bays for viewing and fabrication until they are selected.

Just to mention a few, the main natural stones that are manufactured into slabs are marble, granite, travertine, sandstone, limestone, bluestone, slate, coral, and porphyry. Paving Stone Select/Gappsi Group imports these products and could gladly assist you with your stone selection.

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