Pompeii Natural Pavers For Driveways  Patios & Pool Copings Wholesale Distributor Long Island NY

Pompeii Natural stones is an Exclusive Paving Stone Select Product

We are installers of pompeii limestone on long island NY, and we serve both Suffolk and Nassau county


COLOR SHADES: bluish gray and sea water green

PATTERNS: Vincenza set sizes: 16”x24” | 16”x16” | 16”x8” | 8”x8”

 Enza set sizes: 9”x13.5” | 9”x9” | 9”x4.5”

 Circle Pattern set sizes: 13.5’ Diameter

 Top Finish: natural cleft & tumbled , Edge Finish: sawn & tumbled


Roman set sizes: 24”x36” | 24”x24” | 24”x12” | 12”x12”

 Top Finish: natural cleft & tumbled, Edge Finish: hand cut & tumbled 

  Coping Stones multi set sizes:

 12” wide, 6”, 10”, 14” & 18” long, 2” thick

 Finish: natural top, hand cut front, all other sides sawn and tumbled

Paving Stone select’s Pompeii is a limestone type of stone. The Pompeii products have a very dense body structure, The Pompeii is a very strong natural stone it can be cut in very large paver sizes and it can be finished in many ways from natural cleft, honed, tumbled and brushed. Paving Stone Select Pompeii line of products range from veneers, tiles, and pavers. Pompeii pavers are available in Roman, Vincenza, Enza, Rotonda pattern and random sized two inch copings. The Roman Pattern is a combinations of large sizes Pavers that have hand cut edges , this is to give this pattern the real timeless mimicking the time when machines were not available to saw cut the sides of the paving stones, and also the large sizes represent the prehistoric civilization where  using large sizes meant less cutting .The Pompeii Vincenza pattern is a random pattern design combination this type of pattern is well liked and it can fit any style of architecture, the top is a natural cleft , sawed sides, and tumbled. The Enza pattern is a combination of 3 sizes that are used to create a random pattern design. The Enza Pompeii pavers are more versatile they can be used for pedestrian as well as vehicular application due to the small sizes they also create a pavement with more texture. The Rotonda Pavers is a circle design or max diameter of 13.5 feet it also comes in natural cleft top sawed edges and tumbled. The Coping of the Pompeii is a mix set sizes with natural cleft top split face front and tumbled. The colors and shades of the Pompeii are bluish gray and sea water green. The uniqueness of this product is natural cleft that appears to be rustic but yet smooth to the touch. Paving Stone Select, offers exclusive natural stone products. From wall veneers to cladding, pool copings, driveway pavers, patio stones, and walkway paving stones.


Our selection includes French pattern, large and small, random patterned designs, textured or smooth surfaces, honed, flamed, polished, brushed and natural cleft finished tops. Paving Stone Select natural stone products can be calibrated thickness, sawn edges or hand cut. Our exclusive pattern set designs include Rotonda, Mixed Set patterns: Roman, Vincenza, Enza, Rotonda and 2 inch mix sized random copings.  Our colors and quality selection is what make our products stand out among the industry and makes us different from our competitors.  Our knowledge and understanding of natural stone products comes from our experience and knowledge on how to install these products, which enables us to select all first quality natural stones.

Exclusive Natural Stone Pavers collection

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