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Pavers Installation in Smithtown Long Island NY 11787 By Giuseppe AbbrancatiPavers are a popular product used to complete a patio, walkway, or a driveway. Pavers may be used for unit paving or segmental paving, which refers to the concept of individual units creating a pavement or floor. There are many advantages and reasoning’s behind this paving system.

Interlocking concrete pavers have been known as pavers since they were first introduced in Europe in the mid 1900’s. Pavers were first hand made by rubber molds that were used to make each one individually. Later on, machines were invented to produce pavers at a higher volume, also improving their quality. Pavers are made with high density cement which is mixed and molded under high pressure and vibration. These manufactured paving stones are commonly used for exterior hard-scaping pavement applications.

A segmental paving system is the oldest paving concept since the beginning of time. Individual natural stones were places close together to create floors and roads. Natural stones were all that were available, and by hand was the only method. Today, natural stone pavers are most preferred by consumers all over the world. Concrete or synthetic manufactured pavers are a cheaper alternative to natural stone pavers.

The installation process for pavers is similar to the installation of natural stones. It is recommended to prepare and compact the sub base before it is installed. The base is a gravel material which consists of crushed natural stone. Recycled concrete aggregate, or RCA, is often used as a base as well. RCA is produced from the recycling of old concrete which was removed from old sidewalks or patios. This puts the old and removed concrete has been put to good use instead of being dumped in a land field. The use of RCA is the most common base for paver patios. After the RCA base has been compacted, a layer of fine sand needs to be placed over the compacted base and leveled before t he pavers can be placed down. Within the last decade, polymeric sand has been used to fill the joints in between pavers. Polymeric sand is a blend of sand and glue. This sand gets hard when exposed to moisture which prevents weeds from growing in between paver joints.

The best and most effective product today is a paver sealer. Natural and concrete pavers do not need to be sealed, but the sealer hardens the polymeric sand better, and applies a protective layer over the paver surface. This protective layer makes the pavers more resistant to staining. Many times, sealing pavers enhance their color making them look more alive. Many producers and manufacturers have been recently coming out with their own sealers. At Paving Stone Select/Gappsi Group, we pride ourselves to be the best at what we do providing our customers with the best product out on the market. We have mastered the best techniques used to install pavers and sealing products.


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