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Koi Pond Built By Professionals!!

Evergreen Landscape For your circular Paving Stone driveway!!

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Pool Grotto, Your Private Cave!!

Entertaining Swimming Pool Water Features!!!

Long Island NY Landscape Design & Build Company

swimming pool waterscapes in portjefferson long island NY 11777

Seer Descends are very pretty water features they are mostly built next to a swimming pool or by themselves pond less. when built next to a pool the pool water is used and recycled back in to the swimming pool.

Landscape comprises the visible features of an area of land including the designing elements and the physical landforms, such as mountains, hills and water bodies, such as rivers, lakes, ponds and the sea. In a residential landscape creation everything is built to scale to fit a back or front yard of a house recreating all living elements of nature. Landscaping an environment may consist of different forms of land use to fit fire pit areas, fireplaces, buildings, structures, lighting elements, and water features. Combining both physical origins and the cultural overlay of human presence, often created over millennia, we can replicate these environments in your backyard.

Paving Stone Select/Gappsi Group is a long Island landscaping Company servicing both  Nassau and Suffolk county NY USA.   we provide all New York  landscape design, construction and maintenance.

At Paving Stone Select/Gappsi Group we pride ourselves to be one of the largest designing and building company for landscapes on Long Island, NY. We provide landscape maintenance, lawn care, and tree care as well, along with irrigation systems and hydro-seeding services to assure you that your plants and vegetation on your property are well nourished and trimmed.specializes in designing and building landscapes that reflects the living synthesis of people and place. We create many styles of landscapes including densely forested or wooded landscapes, waterscapes, stonescapes, pool-capes, and firescapes, which are all customes designed and built to incorporate with our client’s requests and property potential.

Exclusive Natural Stone Pavers collection

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