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Gunite Swimming Pools Lake Grove NY 11755
Inground Gunite Swimming Pool construction is the most labor intense pool to build. Gunite pools are built in a concrete shell and then finished with either a marble dust or Pebble Tech finish. Marble dust is a mixture of crushed marble powder and white cement. Pebble Tech consists of tumbled colored glass pebbles that are also mixed with an epoxy product and then spread on the concrete pool shell. A gunite pool has tiles installed under the coping where the top of the water line sits most of the time. The tile is usually six inches high and it serves a few proposes. The main purpose of the lining is to enhance the top of the pool with a beautiful tile design. Even though half the tiles are below the waterline, and the top half are out of the water, the tiles do not become discolored. The tiles are fade-proof, as well as, salt, chlorine, frost, and acid resistant. If the marble dust finish is out of the water, the colors underwater change and in many cases crack making them look weathered. A gunite pool cost is mostly associated with its size and shape. Gunite pool repairs are not very common. These pools require regular maintenance, just as any other pool would, and need to be resurfaced just about every 12 years. At Gappsi, we are Gunite Swimming Pool designers and builders. We provide designing, construction, and maintenance services for Gunite Swimming Pools to residents in Lake Grove NY 11755

Vinyl lined Swimming Pool Company Lake Grove NY 11755
Vinyl lined concrete wall pools are the most popular swimming pools mostly because of the cost. They are reasonably priced and require low maintenance. The structure of a vinyl lined swimming pool can be built in multiple ways: concrete walls, steel panel walls, or even composite and cinder block walls. A quarter inch thick foam is installed on the outside of the walls and on the pool steps. The purpose of the foam is to cover any seams or imperfections in the concrete or cinder block walls. For the steps, the foams purpose is simple to make them comfortable and soft. The liner is then placed over the foam. Vinyl lined pool repairs are usually very easy and fast to fix. A small rip or cut in the liner is fixed with the application of a matching liner patch, which is invisible to the naked eye. There are two options when it comes to steps in a vinyl pool. One option is for the steps to be covered with the liner. Another option is to have fiberglass steps installed. The floor of a vinyl pool may be finished with clean compacted sand, sand and cement mixture, or a vermiculite ready mix which is the product of sand, cement, and cork. When it comes to choosing a pool liner, the selection is never ending! You may choose from thousands of colors and patterns made by different manufactures. Gappsi, we are Vinyl Lined Swimming Pool designers and builders. We provide designing, construction, and maintenance services for Vinyl Lined Swimming Pools to residents in Lake Grove NY 11755

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