Granite Pavers Driveway in Long Island NY

by / Friday, 14 March 2014 / Published in Blogs

Granite Pavers Driveway in Long Island NY
amagansett granite driveway pavers (1)

Granite driveway shown in this picture is in Nassau County on Long island NY. Accent the colors of this house wonderfully. The reds and oranges in the bricks of the house siding bring out the reds and oranges in the stones used in this driveway. The front steps are also made of Amagansett Granite which creates a nice set of wide stairs to descend from your front door. The lights placed on the 2 columns on either side of these stairs create a nice lite environment for in the evenings. All of the accent landscaping makes the house seem homey and welcoming to all guests you may have over.

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