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Natural travertine waterfall in central Italy

we are a wholesale distributor of natural stone pavers and wall veneers on long island NY, and we serve both Nassau and Suffolk county.

Among the many natural stone our exclusive selection consists of:

Fiorito travertine , Moca Travertine and Griggio dorato Travertine. Our travertine pavers are special finished with tumbled edges and Veneziano textured top. The thickness is one and one quarter inch.

TRAVERTINE, these natural stones are generated from a build-up of calcium in shallow bodies of sweet waters that have a high concentrate of lime.  These types of stones are known as travertine. Travertine stones are very unique in their look and performance. Travertine pavers will show many indentations and small cavities on their surface.  At first sight, it might look like a defect in the product but this is simply the way the travertine stones are.  People specifically chose travertine for their timeless look and soft color blends.

Scogli di mare Limestone has the most unique colors that range from beige gray and green in which you can also see lots of see shell fossils imbedded on the surface of the pavers.

Melfi is a lime stone Limestone that can be finished with a natural cleft top and tumbled, the colors range from brown, green, gray and blue. It is available in Enza pattern, Vincenza pattern, roman pattern, circle pattern and pool copings, the pool coping is finished with rock face and tumbled. It looks rustic to the eye but it is very soft to the touch.

Pompeii is a lime stone that is mostly gray green and blue. It is available in Enza pattern, Vincenza pattern, roman pattern, circle pattern and pool copings, the pool coping is finished with rock face and tumbled. It looks rustic to the eye but it is very soft to the touch.

LIMESTONE, these natural stones are formed at the bottom of the ocean or salt waters.  These natural stones are known as limestone. Limestone pavers are much denser and stronger and can also be used for vehicular traffic. Limestone finishes can be flamed or natural clefts and tumbled, in which you can find fossil marks of plants or seashells that got trapped during the build-up process over millions of years.

 Amaganset Iis a granite colors range from peach, gray, rust and whites it comes with a flamed top and tumbled.

Arina, Arcobelena, Pietra bluee and  TerraMare, are sandstones

Granite , is considered one of the hardest natural stones and can be used for pabers and building material, is found in many continents on hearth and is found colors variations and patterns from wave designs to dottet stripes or even solid color it is produced in slabs, tiles, pavers copings tubs garden ornaments and much more..

Arcobelena, Arina, Pietra blue, and Terramare are sandstones and are available in Enza pattern.

SANDSTONE, Sandstone is mostly found in desert area the word sand stone says it all it was created by ground pressure where sand and lime compressed together petrified and became a solid rock. sandstone is also unique in texture it can bi finished with a natural cleft and also honed .Our exclusive antiqued   finish makes our Sandstone pavers   distinctive and appealing.  Garden ornaments and fountains are also made of sandstone.

Isabella is a quartzite the colors of our Isabella pavers come in gray green , beige white and black it is available in Enza pattern and copings

 Quartzite is a natural stone and it is a layered and hard stone. It is a metaphoric rock that was originally sandstone before heating and compression fused the sand gran toghether in one solid rock. Quartzite its usually found in shade of white and gray. And it can be sparkling when exposed to light that are the particles of the mineral quarts

Present in the quartzite stone.

Paving Stone Select natural stones pavers include matching coping, veneers and custom cutting. Natural stones are very suitable for pool areas and backyard applications. Natural stone colors are very soft and appealing.  Some natural stones do not get hot during summer days. When walking bare foot on natural stones you get the sensation of it being part of your intimate living space. The textures and the imperfections of natural stones reveal a timeless beauty.  Throughout our display you will find a large selection of colorful, beautiful natural stone products that we search and import from all over the world. Thousands of years of usage by our ancestors and millions of years in existence, natural stones beauty release energy to one’s body, mind and soul for which you can never stop admiring, appreciating and enjoying.

Paving Stone Select Exclusive Selection Of Natural Stone Pavers, Tile, Slabs and Veneers

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