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A driveway is the main focal point the front of a house or a building. Concrete driveway cost depends on the driveway installation, whether it is for commercial or residential use. A concrete driveway or cement driveway is mostly used for industrial use where is more likely to be used for heavy machinery. Asphalt driveways can also be used for both commercial applications and residential. Designing is limited unless being used with Belgium blocks or brick paver borders and aprons.The base to build a driveway can be concrete or crushed concrete, also known as RCA which is produced by the process of recycling old concrete blocks and slabs. Crushed stone driveways are very popular in natural kept areas or where the percentage of driveway paving with the use of driveway block is restricted.

Stone driveways can be built many different ways. Driveway paver is the more popular method. When driveway pavers are used in combinations of different colors and shapes, a driveway design can add curb appeal to the front landscape. Driveway stone can be manufactured concrete or natural driveways with pavers, which are more likely to weather over the years. If natural stone pavers are used the pavers cost could increase drastically. There are also permeable driveways. These are pavers for driveways that have drainage problems or the water has to be collected or simply to create a brick driveway that is eco-friendly. Grass driveways are also popular in large shopping centers they are a great way to prevent water runoff and avoid creating large asphalt parking.

The selection of manufactures that produce stones for driveways have increased in the last 20 years offering a larger selection of driveway ideas and unique driveways designs. Stone driveways don’t require much maintenance, but many sealing products are available for anyone that likes to protect the paver surface and keep the color and the stone clean. Paving Stone select / Gappsi Group offers all these products and services including driveway repair, driveway sealing, and maintenance.

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