Long Island NY Bocce Courts Designers & Builders

bocce court pageThe bocce game, it is defined by many and spelled in many different ways as you will notice ways. Bocce game one of the oldest game ever played by human beings. This social game is played today in many urban areas and sports bars all over the world in rich and poor neighborhood. The rules of bocce are to be able to get as many boche ball to the smaller ball which gets thrown on the floor to start the bachi ball game. A boccee ball game is usually 11 points or 21 and that is over many bochie ball round. The looser of every bochee ball round get to go first on the next bochy ball round and throw the little ball to start the bocchi ball game. The most points that can be made at each botchi ball game are four, because there are only four bochi ball per team. A botchy ball Game is usually played by single players per team or a team of two players.

Bocce ball game is very relaxing and enjoyed by every one child and adults. Bocce ball court vary in sizes. They measure from 60 feet long by 10 feet wide for residential use and legal size bocci balls courts are 90 feet long by 13 feet wide.

Some Bocce courts are also 76 feet long by 12 wide. Bocce court construction consists of recycled concrete base and then a layer of bluestone screening, this final topping is small crushed bluestone rocks that get leveled and allow the bocce balls to roll more freely. A bocce ball is approximately 5 inches in diameter and can roll on grass as well. Clay is also used to make the floor for a bocci court ,synthetic grass can be used as well, and also crushed sea shells. Bocci ball games are also played on open fields or natural turf.  A bocce set can be manufactured of many different types of materials some bocce sets are metals, and plastic, some bocce ball set are made of stones and also wood.

Bocce ball sets also come in many different colors they are smooth surface and also textured. Paving Stone Select / Gappsi Group can design and build your bocci court at a reasonable price. We provide this services on long island NY for both Nassau and Suffolk county.

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