What is Bluestone?

Bluestone  pool patio installed around swimming pool with bluestone copingBluestone can be apart of many different categories. It can be a culture or a commercial name, and in America it has different varieties. One of the popular varieties in America is also known as, feldspathic sandstone. In Britain, bluestone is what covers the Stonehenge; a prehistoric monument in the English county. It is very famous due to the remains of standing stone. The bluestone was put there for construction. Until this day, no one knows how old these famous monuments are.

In America, feldspathic sandstone is produced in hundreds of small quarries in certain areas of Pennsylvania and New York. In Canada, it is quarried in certain parts of the Canadian Appalachians. A popular type of bluestone that is known in America is a type of sedimentary rock, also known as, Limestone. Bluestone that is from New York or Pennsylvania also has another name, Pennsylvania Bluestone. This term is commercially known to consumers. This type of bluestone is defined as feldspathic greywacke. Bluestone is consisted of sand-sized grains that are found in the Catskill Delta during the Devonian Period of the Paleozoic Era. This type of deposition can be seen on a daily basis. It can be observed at the beach when the tide washes onto the shore. The term “bluestone” comes from deep-blue-colored sandstone found in Ulster County, New York.

In the present day, the Catskill Delta provides based material for high-quality bluestone which originates from the Catskill Mountains. Bluestone became more popular for consumers, which resulted in a higher demand. Bluestone is popular as an architectural and building stone. Depending on where the limestone deposits originate from, it will result in the color of the bluestone due to the exposure of light and rain. This type of bluestone can be found in Rockingham County, Virginia. Eventually, the stone will fade from a deep blue to a light grey due to the exposure to the sun and rain.

Australia is another continent where types of bluestone are popular. The type of bluestone used is also referred to, Victorian bluestone. It was popular during the Victorian Gold Rush in the 1850s. The material was hard to carve so its use was mainly for warehouses and foundations of public buildings. It also aided in the making of cobblestone roads that can be found in many parts of the world. In southern Australia bluestone is in a form of slate, which is less durable than the Victorian bluestone. This is popular for is decorative appearance. The stone varies in color, usually from a grey to beige color.

In New Zealand, Timaru is the bluestone that is most popular there. It is known to be a very attractive stone. It is a building material for both historical and present time. It is somewhat similar to the Victorian bluestone. Bluestone that originates from Kokonga is widely used in New Zealand as well. It is usually a construction material to build many historical buildings, most of which were built during the Central Otago gold rush.

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