Long Island NY Batting Cages Sale And Installation Company

Backyard batting cages for baseball lovers is an outdoor activity that adults and kids can share. A home batting cage can be built 14 feet by 80 and will not take away from your back yard. The batting cage frames consists of 6 poles that can be removed and be put back in minutes. The batting cage netting is made to be slide to one side to allow lawn moving, and it can be extended back in minutes. Batting cage nets are manufactured in different grades and the cost of them is according to the thickness of the net; if a thicker net is used heavier duty poles are required. Netting for batting cages can be repaired or replaced using the same existing poles. Portable batting cages are easy to install and also easy to fold and moved. Indoor batting cages are also available. We supply jugs batting cages, for residential and commercial batting cages installations. Outdoor batting cages, also known as baseball batting cages, have become very popular also as a social home gathering for kids and adults, as well as coaches to train their players. we provide Batting Cages sale and installation on long Island NY, for both Nassau and Suffolk county.

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