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by / Wednesday, 14 August 2013 / Published in masonry
compass nordic  star design with fire island and charcoal pavers Cold Spring Harbor Long Island New York, 11724

compass nordic star design with fire island and charcoal pavers Cold Spring Harbor Long Island New York, 11724

The shoreline has attracted mankind throughout the pages of time, where water and land meet people gather. Whether to fish, bath, exercise, embark on a journey or to eat, man’s fascination with the watery unknown has kept our curiosity peaked. Ever more so in the present day do we see this with many beach front hotels and waterfront dinning places almost anywhere we turn Being near or in view of the shore is something of a natural beauty unable to be replicated anywhere but within that exclusive vantage point. Paving Stone Select was requested to bring subtle, unique, and one of a kind nautical theme to a small eatery on the North Shore of Long Island that would hold up and last in the harsh sea salt environment, while giving patrons that one of a kind view while enjoying their meal. With help from the Gappsi design team the goal of this design was to create a diverse area for outdoor seating for patrons to enjoy meals and expand the restaurants ability to serve inside and out. Not only did they want a functional area but they asked for something to set them apart from other eateries in Cold Spring Harbor New York, 11724. One of Paving Stone Selects strongest attribute is creativity and never taking no for an answer. When challenged with something new the design team was able to deliver, a custom inlay of a eight point nautical star compass. With a mental vision and a printed example the creative masons were able to use four by eight Nicolock Holland Stones in both charcoal and red and individually cut each stone to create a three dimensional looking nautical star compass. Surrounding the custom inlay is Nicolock Fire Island Blend Paver that ties the whole patio together. Installation of these paving stones are done traditionally by doing an eight inch excavation and using an RCA base which then one inch bed of sand is screeted to the desirable height and pitch where the paving stones are set upon. Once the entire installation has been completed a small plate compactor is used to set the stones in place and polymeric sand fill the joints giving a clean finished look that will last for years. Another challenge that was needed to overcome in this design is the meeting of old and new. The restaurant has an outdoor bar area that had gotten paving stones put in a few years before the new addition was claimed. The design team tackled that challenge by picture framing the new patio in a solider course pattern with the charcoal four by eights. This helps distinguish between the separate areas between the bar and the Al-fresco dining area. Once completed the custom inlay was the highlight of the establishment enjoyed and admired from patrons and staff alike. The picturesque view of the harbor and its many sail boats combined with the custom nautical star compass inlay took a magnificent view and turned it into an extraordinary experience for many to enjoy.

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